Circle of Energy

Moving in mindful ways to lower stress and anxiety!

Why does yoga ask the participant to observe their breath moving in and moving out instead of watching TV when doing excercise? There are many good reasons.

There are two primary ones I would like to mention here. First, when you sync your breath to your movements then your body moves more efficiently allowing exercise or movement to be more enjoyable and effective for your body. Second, it brings us into the present moment, allowing the brain to produce the bio-chemicals we need to be happy, which helps to reduce stress that may other wise be harmful.

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Putting your best foot forward


What a wonderful experience to be a part of the Dallas Ballet Centers summer program.  Not only did the 10 to 17 year olds get to immerse them selves in some of my favorite dance styles like West African dance and Musical theatre they learned Foot care and Foot massage from me!

During my time with 95 children and 1 adult in a 4 hour window we had the opportunity to discuss knowing the difference between a muscle strain and a tendon strain.  Some special acupressure points on the hand and the feet for tummy aches, headaches and a few other concerns.  Then everyone stepped right into cleaning and cooling their feet with witch hazel and a special self foot massage.  The ooooss and aaaahhhhsss  were music to my ears.

Lastly, their little cups of coconut lotion enhanced trading with a partner or a group of three.  We created waves of connection from head to toe, person to person.  For some laughter bubbled up and for others eye lids felt heavy as deep relaxation kicked in!