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Polarity Therapy

Polarity-Energetic Therapy
Polarity Therapy Line Drawing
Polarity Therapy is a 5 point holistic system that dissolves blocked energy and activates the innate wellness and intelligence of your body and mind. The 5 points are:

  • Light to deep touch body work
  • Movement / Yoga
  • Energetic Nutrition
  • Processing mental & emotional patterns
  • Spiritual self awareness

Polarity is a natural health care system. It integrates the underlying principles from ancient and current cutting-edge healing therapies including: Indian Ayurvedic, Hermetic Science, Energy Medicine, Ericsonian, Osteopathy and Reflexology.

It balances your life force (chi, prana, innate), which is the blueprint & maintainer of your body-mind. This supports high-level wellness so that your soul’s purpose may express itself with greater ease, because your body, mind and emotions are only as balanced as your life force is flowing.

My Rejuvenation Yoga DVD pulls strongly from Polarity Therapy principles to enhance your life force, through breath, yoga asana body movement, with energetic postures to balance your mind and emotions providing greater self awareness.

What makes each of my massage sessions unique and designed just for you is the integration of the best techniques and wisdom of Polarity Therapy’s Five points.

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