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Face you Fears and they Dissolve

         You must do the thing that you fear until the fear of that thing becomes no more.”
- Brian Tracy

Whenever you go toward the source of your pain, with access to at least some internal resource and a desire to bring balance or resolution to the situation, energy currents clear and peace prevails.

         Let me share a story that more recently helped to clarify this for me.

         ZZZiiippp, BBBIINNGG, ZIP, Bing, ZZZiiippp, BBBIIINNGG, ZIP, BING.  Today I sensed something was going to be different about my personal airplane time, it even felt wrong.  I had gotten comfortable with the opportunity to relax, do whatever I felt like with no outside interference on my flights from Dallas Love Field to Albuquerque, NM. Whatever was going on around me was always easy to join in with such as an interesting fellow passenger or to let flow through me like a wave or a cloud.  Not today.  

The little girl sitting directly behind me was playing an incredibly loud, truly obnoxious computer game.  ZZZiiippp, BBBIINNGG, ZIP, Bing, ZZZiiippp, BBBIIINNGG, ZIP, BING.  A moments ear rest came when the game choose to say something in human words to the child.  Do the creators of these games ever consider saying “warning not safe for use during air travel, fellow passengers may smash your computer?!” Southwest had not even gotten the flight off the ground, I began to check my resources and consider my options.  I was in the window seat and there were not many of those left on the flight, plus the game would have to stop once we took off and maybe the child would get bored and do something quiet.

About one half hour passed the noises of the computer had not returned at the same level of intensity, but something worse was beginning to take form. The little girls baby brother or sister sitting right behind me on Dad’s lap was beginning to cry. Poor baby she/he must feel just horrible to be crying like that, surely the Dad will get that fixed quickly.  Whaaaaa, Whaaaa, Whaaaa, whaaaa the sound steadily increasing in volume and pitch. I looked at my neighbors, they looked at me.  The hairs on the back of our necks stood on end, all of our fight or flight responses became active.  The woman next to me took flight.  I looked at the others, they looked back again.  I thought please someone other than ME do something.  Twenty minutes had passed and the baby’s cries were still breaking the sound barrier.  That was it my nervous system was on overload, I wanted to tape the child’s mouth shout and throw the father off the plane for not being able to help his child. I got up in my seat it was time to face my fear, the baby behind me.  

What came out of my mouth next surprised me almost as much as the father’s response.  “Excuse me, I’m a Polarity/Massage therapist and I work with children all the time, maybe I can help.”  The Dad said, “Sure, here you can take him.”  My response was “Well, why don’t you come sit here in my row and you can help.”

Babies and children are not my strength and I have worked with very few over the years, but my inner guidance said touching him is your best choice. As I talked with the Dad about his son’s possible problem, I began touching the little boys feet.  The Mom also appeared she said something about a food allergy, red splotches on his face and maybe some sinus congestion.  I just felt confused by it all, but trusted my hands.  He wasn’t responding well to the feet so I went to his ears.  I began gently working the reflexes there and held the intention for his space to be peaceful once again.  Much to my surprise within 5 minutes he fell deeply asleep.  I showed the parents what I had done and made a few other suggestions.  The baby slept for the rest of the trip. All was calm and the remainder of the flight flowed smoothly.

 Looking back at this airplane incident, I deeply believe it was my willingness to face my fear of working with the screaming child and step into the pain of the situation, plus the open willingness of the parents to find a solution that created positive change.  It’s important to observe that by the time I actually offered support to the parents I had moved through my anger and some part of me had surrendered to the greater good of the Universe and I truly held a desire for a rebalancing of the pain and chaos on the airplane.  This is true in our lives everyday.  Face our fears and they have no choice but to dissolve.  Remember what you resist persists. 

 Trust your gut level feelings first when it comes to fear.  The sympathetic NS guides us with Four primary choices, each one is correct in different situations.  

1. Some times it is best to run.

2. Sometimes we must fight.

3. Some times freeze.

4. Other times we may befriend the situation or person. 

 Allow yourself to be courageous take a small thing that you have feared (i.e. spiders, dealing with a pile of papers, tools or clothes that require a decision or something else).  First recall a time when you did successfully move through a difficult or fearful situation- Remember the end result of being safe and succeeding. Now feel your feelings around your current fear and write them down, let yourself breath fully into the situation. Now picture yourself safely and successfully dealing with the fear. When you are ready let your intuition guide you to action to clear this issue out of your life for good!

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