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Rejuvenation Yoga DVD and Companion Booklet

Rejuvenating Yoga DVD Cover

Rejuvenating Yoga DVD

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The Rejuvenation Yoga companion booklet supports your mind~body practices. 20 pages of full color!

  • Enhancing & the Dynamics of the Chakras.
  • Contraindications for yoga poses.
  • Benefits of the poses & breathing following the DVD flow.
  • Using the poses for Self Care.

Rejuvenation Yoga DVD and Companion Booklet

DVD + Booklet Options

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Rejuvenation Yoga Preview – 5 Element Breaths

Rejuvenation Yoga Preview – Standing Poses

Rejuvenating Yoga blends Iyengar yoga with Polarity Therapy Energy exercises. Iyengar yoga is a style of Hatha yoga that shows you how to position the various parts of your body with correct alignment and how to use breathing techniques that support active and passive postures. This allows your bones, muscles, organs, nervous system and mind to function at their best potential. Polarity Therapy Energy exercises give us simple postures, sounds and breathing techniques that quickly balance our physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Cynthia Pierro is a holistic health teacher, Registered Polarity practitioner, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She began studying Polarity Therapy in 1986 and Iyengar Yoga in 1989.  She sees clients privately for Polarity Therapy, NLP and massage therapy. For additional information contact Cynthia

Special Package 30:

Rejuventation Yoga DVD, companion booklet, & 30 minute phone Wellness Consultation – $53

This $73 value is currently available for only $53. Get the Rejuvenation Yoga DVD, a printed copy of the companion booklet, and a 30 minute phone Wellness Consultation.

Special Package 10:

Rejuventation Yoga DVD, companion booklet, & 10 minute phone Wellness Consultation – $32

This $43 value is currently available for only $32. Get the Rejuvenation Yoga DVD, a PDF version of the companion booklet, and a 10 minute phone Wellness Consultation.

William Foley CD – $15

William Foley CD Cover

With a keen interest in harmony and strong melodies that take you places, William Foley’s compositions defy easy classification even if they do have somewhat of a “new age” flavor. Evocative and soul-stirring, with jazz and classical influences, each piece leads listeners on a journey deep within. A professional pianist and composer for over thirty years, William Foley performs in Dallas and nationally. Mr. Foley is a graduate of the University of North Texas College of Music with a degree in jazz studies. This CD is a collection of songs that resonate along the full spectrum of feeling, from quiet melancholy to expansive joy, grief and sorrow to serene awareness.

Balinese Oil

Balinese Oil - 8 oz

This body oil has a warm, earthy and exotic scent, which both men & women find appealing for massage or daily use.

Balinese Body Oil is made from a base of extra virgin coconut oil, with cocoa butter and an exotic blend of traditional Balinese Spices and pure essential oils and resins. It also contains almond oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, and pure flower essences of Bali such as jasmine, champaka, and orange blossom.

This is a special blend of only the finest pure ingredients originating from the Spice Islands. For thousands of years, these traditional spices have been valued as currency for their ability to stimulate the senses and heal the body as well as enhance and preserve food.

4 oz bottle = $14

8 oz bottle = $21.50

Aromatherapy Oil Bottle

Feminine Balance Essential Oil Blend – $13

For those days when only the best will do, Feminine Balance is a rich and enticing blend of precious oils, that satisfy the body and soul.

These oils Nourish the female essence, physically, mentally and emotionally, making this blend a favorite of women all over the country. Use it to replace desserts!

Many women have reported that they’ve developed a distinct craving for this blend after experiencing the soothing influence in times of hormonal turmoil. Then again when life is good this luscious blend adds depth and joy to each song you sing, each picture you paint and each dance you dance!

Feminine Balance may be used as a body aroma, added to body care products, a warm bath or for localized application on pressure points.

Contains: Essential Oils of Orange, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Moroccan Rose, Jasmine Abs., Yarrow, Tanacetum, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver blended with Jojoba Oil. 10ml. (1/3oz.) 10% Essential Oil Blend

Aromatherapy Oil Bottle

Evergreen Blend Essential Oil – $10

Rejuvenating and inspiring like a walk in a vibrant, sun-drenched forest of evergreens, this aroma captures the various nuances of the crisp, green notes found in the Essential Oils of evergreen trees.

A wonderful healing blend for the respiratory system, muscular aches & pains and stimulating the adrenals glands to name a few.

Inhale directly or blend into a base oil or a drop in a bath.  Also make your own room spray to freshen and deodorize your home by adding 10 drops to 1oz. of distilled water in a little mister, shaking well and spraying liberally.

Contains: Essential Oils of Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Spruce Needle. 10ml. (1/3oz.)

Aromatherapy Oil Bottle

Warming Bliss (Ayurveda Kapha) Essential Oil – $10

This special blend gently awakens your senses to spark your bliss.  It warms your heart physically and emotionally, clears your mind, opens your sinuses, activates your solar plexus to diminish depression and stimulate action in a positive direction.

Warming Bliss (Ayurveda Kapha) may be used as a body aroma, added to body care products, a warm bath or for localized application on pressure points, massaged into your solar plexus or just inhale.

Contains: Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Rosemary, Orange Brazil, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Juniper Berry, Cedar Himalayan, Lavender. 10ml. (1/3oz.)

Transformational Aromatherapy Booklet – $8

Over 20 pages of specialized energy medicine based information. Essential oils in relationship to their electromagnetic, magical and medicinal qualities.

Transformational Aromatherapy integrates the art and science of pure botanical extracts (essential oils) with Dr. Stones Polarity Therapy principles and the practice of higher states of consciousness. When botanical essences are blended with intention our awareness can shift to “tranceformative” states of consciousness. This provides healing and growth from the physical through the spiritual.