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Here’s What Cynthia’s Clients & Students Have to Say:

Cynthia can always find the parts of my body where the stress has built up. I leave her with a euphoric feeling knowing that I can meet the toughest obstacles of the outside world. She’s helped me physically, mentally and emotionally be a stronger, more relaxed person.
– Gerald Cain, Film Director & Writer

Healing a frozen shoulder and healing into life:

Hello Dr. Levy,
I am a currently a patient of yours. I saw you with a frozen shoulder several months ago. I wrote you last about a process from England which I was I took that info to a RMT and she worked a bit of it into our treatments which have helped immensely.
I am in a remarkable healing place with the process right now. I have been seeing this RMT, Cynthia Pierro, who specializes in polarity and NLP, diet and essential oils. She has been an excellent emotional support, which I must say has been extremely important to my healing.
I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to see her weekly (bi-weekly  during the night pain) and have her support. There is something she does that could almost re-wire the pain response. I found it quite miraculous.
I looked for her after your advice of benign passivity (at least I think that’s what you called it) where I should not use my arm any more than I could without a pain response. This ‘semi-coddling’ worked fine with Cynthia’s sensitive work on un-doing the web of fascia as we came to call it and finding points to relieve the pain and tightness.
It was an interesting journey as we imagined ways of describing the various stages of healing – from the brillo pad and thick slimey goo and dry fishing nets for a start – to the incredible times when she helped me discover new ways of being in the world that this pain presented – and old ways that might have got me there…
What a great relief to FINALLY be out of that mire of pain and pain and more pain. Now we are gaining movement very quickly-but just fast  enough to support it with strengthening. I feel that my healing was exponentially assisted with Cynthia’s help and that I found support with pain relief-essential to continuing my demanding business.
I remember when I asked you for a reference for support with the pain (and general misery) you didn’t really have an effective one and neither did any other resource I tried. It is a disorder that seems immune to most currently ‘conventional’ remedies.
I can highly recommend Cynthia (and I saw several practitioners before landing with her)
Please let me know if you would ever like me to connect with any of your future frozen shoulder patients. I am in touch with a man who did the ‘other route’ of surgery and what a disaster of pain that was for him. I very much appreciate you directing me away from surgery. It is a  really cool thing for a surgeon to do. I understand how frustrating it must be to watch someone in that pain and not really be able to do anything for them.
Thanks again for your excellent advice through this trying time.
– Barley Vogel, Director – Studio Arts Dallas

Dear Cynthia,

I just wanted to send you a note and thank you for your help with my rib and hip issues. I have had many massages over the years by some wonderful therapists but I have never had these kinds of results or this kind of amazing experience.
As you know, I had been living with horrible pain in my rib/chest area on the left side of my body for several months that would, at times, wake me in the middle of the night. I was popping Tylenol like crazy and wondering if I was ever going to be without that horrible pain. Additionally, my right hip was giving me a fit – I couldn’t drive for more than about an hour and a half without shooting pain from my hip to my foot. I was quite a “cock-eyed mess”!
After one session with you my rib/chest pain disappeared all together and has not come back and I just drove 10 hours straight to take my daughter back to school and did not have a single instance of that intense shooting pain. I simply cannot believe it! I’m off the Tylenol and sleeping through the night – I am a whole different person.
Your gentle approach and vast knowledge solved two problems that were making my daily life a painful grind. I am totally committed to our every other week sessions to keep me “in line” and pain free.

Thank you so much for everything.

Diane Merrell

Cynthia has what feels like a natural sense that enables her to detect exactly those areas that need special attention.

– Lawrence Libuser, DDS

“For the first time in my life, I actually completed the grief I felt. You have such an incredible, consistent gift for healing.”

– Ms. Hubbard, Harvard U. Administration

“I am now moving forward in ALL areas of my life with greater confidence, freedom & peace, although I originally started sessions with Cynthia for migraines. Her powerful & healing consulting techniques, along with her masterful bodywork, have created the most effective therapy I’ve ever experienced!”
– Robin Baker, Graphic Artist

Cynthia is an amazing healing artist! Every one of my friends and associates who have experienced her sessions, for many different reasons, felt completely and delightfully healed. Her unique combination of techniques blended with true heart & soul are gentle, relaxing and transformational.”

– Valerie Margolis, Entrepreneur

Help to “re-weave a wholeness from broken fragments”

A traumatic life event, the death of my adult son, led me to seek Cynthia’s help. In addition to my emotional pain, I had a multitude of physical problems. I had a frozen shoulder, little use of my left arm, back and neck pain and chronic daily migraine headaches for over 30 years. Traditional medicine had failed me.
Cynthia guided me down my path of healing. I intuitively felt I could entrust my broken soul to her wise, soft voice. With her guidance I found a way to re-weave a wholeness from those broken fragments.
The same was true with the bodywork. Cynthia’s gentle, reassuring touch brought pain relief beyond my expectations. I am now headache free for the first time in decades (after being told by more than one M.D. I couldn’t be helped). And even better still, I am no longer reliant on prescription pain medications.
Without hesitation, I can say Cynthia saved my life and my health. Had it not been for her, I would be in an emotional shell, suffering through each day, increasing my pain meds, stuck in an endless cycle.
Thank God for Cynthia!

–  Melanie Landay


I wanted to write and first of all thank you for doing what you do, and most importantly tell you how much I appreciate the work you have been doing with me.
I have nothing in my experiences to compare it to, nor do I think there is anything to compare it to on this plane. Many people, organizations, drugs, religions and medications make the promise of enlightenment, self-knowledge, healing, prosperity, even seeing God. You, however, do not make these promises; you actually deliver these things!!
Thank you so much, and much peace.
– Steve Gibbons, futures investor

“Teaching skills are excellent..”

Cynthia Pierro’s teaching skills are excellent she is able to make a sometimes difficult subject easy. She possesses a very creative teaching style, incorporating theory and practical experience. She creates a safe and comfortable environment that encourages her students to fully experience their energetic patterns as well as others’. Both my clients and I have benefited greatly from her APP certification course. In addition, she has organized, created, and led several Polarity retreats in New Mexico. These experiences have been enriching, healing and have greatly expanded my self- awareness. These retreats have brought more peace and balance to my life.
Cynthia is also a powerful practitioner. Her polarity sessions are healing, nurturing and balancing I have grown professionally and personal since she has come into my life.

– Trish Olivieri, RN, RMT, RPP

“Teach my friends yoga…instead of cheerleading”

After experiencing Cynthia’s Yoga Video my 9 y/o daughter Faith wrote the following reminder note to herself for the next day (ie her “to do” list!)

“Remember… teach my friends the yoga I learned from Cynthia’s video instead of cheerleading.” I must agree with her choice in activities! Yoga is benefiting my daughter Faith and her twin sister in many ways. Thank you Cynthia for having an intergenerational appeal! We love your clear and gentle way and practice using your video together as a family. Marianne, Grace and Faith Calvanese

Marianne Calvanese, ND
Naturopathic Physician
Holistic Family Health Care

“Cynthia is capable and straightforward.”

I have trained under Cynthia for Polarity & massage techniques, polarity yoga exercises and for Polarity nutrition. As a teacher, Cynthia is capable and straightforward. I was most impressed with her clarity and ability to share knowledge in a truly supportive manner, always empowering her students to explore their own goals and skills.
In my current position as Program Director for an Aids Family practice in Boston, I developed a program called ‘Finding the Balance’. This program opened the door for various alternative therapy practitioners to address my team of clinicians and counselors on different/new methods for impacting our clients medical and psychosocial needs. To this end, Ms. Pierro developed and presented a training session on Polarity therapeutic touch that effected my staff strongly. They continue to use information and techniques gleaned from that seminar in their daily client interactions.
While Cynthia’s skills as a Polarity Practitioner and a teacher are exceptional, I must note that it is her deep sense of compassion, her moral courage and her integrity that I find truly compelling. These qualities are evident in her work, her teaching and most significantly, in her daily life.

– Marjorie D. St. Paul

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