Circle of Energy

Stem Cell Therapy

The power that created you can heal you!

Infiniti Cells™ are a simple, safe, regenerative therapy that can
stimulate and strengthen your body’s internal repair system.

Benefits of Infiniti Cells™

  • Regenerate, Rebuild and Repair damaged cells
  • Modulate the immune system: (immunomodulatory)
  • Reduce Inflammation (Powerful anti inflammatory properties)
  • Work as an anti viral and anti bacterial
  • Can be given to anyone regardless
    of age or blood type.
  • Simple. Safe. Accessible. Affordable
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My experience with Stem cells and the office of Achieve Vitality Regenerative Wellness:

Everyone who works the office here is highly trained, caring and a pleasure to be around! For a year non-stop I had significant pain and loss of range of motion in my right hip flexors due to tendonosis and a small tear. I was not getting the results I needed from physical therapy exercises, nutrition and acupuncture. I just knew I needed to find stem cells.

Dr. Darcy Brunk, Leila and the rest of the team listened to my problem, looked at x-rays and determined the best course of action using infinity Stem Cells.  My body does heal slowly, however after 4 weeks my hip flexors felt really good and after 8 weeks they were able to do full weight bearing activities again. It’s months later now and they continue to regenerate back to my 30’s!!

read the stem cells pdf
Read the Infiniti Cells™ stem cell therapy pdf