Circle of Energy


Here are practitioners and sites that I highly recommend.


  • Hongzen Chen, L.Ac. 972-401-1818 – Irving
  • Dashima Dovchin, Ph. D. L. Ac.  972-404-4442 4320 Spring Valley Rd., Dallas 75244
  • Masako Wada, Dipl. O.M., L.Ac, N.A.E.T., NADA  972-701-8755
  • Mark Hernandez, L.Ac. 469-867-1841
  • Coleman McMurphy, L.Ac.  214-828-4558
  • Nena Watkins L.Ac.  214-840-3445
  • Saiyad S. Ahmad, MS, L.Ac. NCCAOM, N.A.E.T, 214-718-7646


  • Nick Chamberlain, DC 214-366-1133
  • Kimberly Jones, DC 214-546-4321
  • Coby Lovelace, DC 214-536-2423

Sound Practitioners:

Denae Richards is the founder/owner of Holistic Sounds, a small business who’s mission is to provide an avenue for improved health and education through sound a frequency.  She is a certified sound practitioner with honors through the Globe Sound Institute.  She is passionate about helping clients and students return to their highest potential for great health.

Denae also teaches classes on sound a frequency and teaches Holistic Sounds certification course for those interested in pursuing education and practice of sound & frequency.

As a co-founder of The Dallas Sound Institute, she is working to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and supportive sound therapies.


Christina Swink, NAMA Cert., 214-702-6825

At Park Cities Yoga you’ll always receive a personal greeting and individual attention.  Deeply experienced instructors will guide you in a personally challenging, fully rejuvenating, and non-competitive environment.

The international Polarity Alliance (IPEA) website has the largest collection of materials in the form of articles and video appertaining to Polarity Therapy to be found anywhere!

The American Polarity Therapy Association provides information on all aspects of the practice and study of Polarity Therapy.

Amadea Morningstar, BS, MA, RPE, RYT integrates yoga,Ayurveda, and Polarity Therapy into her teaching and health care practice. She is the author of several wise and wonderful books such as The Ayurvedic Guide to Polarity Therapy: Hands-on Healing.

Your guide to wellness and personal growth. Holistic Networker is published four times a year on the first of January, April, July, and October. Copies are distributed throughout Texas. Learn about alternative treatments, look up local practitioners, check out local events listings of wellness courses and seminars and read interesting articles, a seasonal astrology column, and book reviews.

Please keep in mind that I am always happy to work in conjunction with other professionals that you are seeing.


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