Circle of Energy

Enhancing and Energizing your Massage or Holistic Sessions with Polarity Therapy

Please ask to join us (Date TBA)  

In Dallas 75229 – close to Royal Ln. & Webb  Chapel



is a 5 point holistic system that dissolves blocked energy and activates the innate wellness and intelligence of your body and mind.  Polarity was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone. DC. DO, ND (1890-1981). He synthesized the wisdom of the East with the research of the West. The techniques range from chakra balancing to structural work to cleansing diets to Ayurvedic Medicine.

Our Time together will include:

Learning about the body’s energetic patterns, and the “General Session”.  These will greatly improve & energize any healing work you do.

Cynthia with Sattvic head cradleInstructor:  Cynthia Pierro, LMT, NLP, RPE is a holistic health practitioner and educator.  She has been practicing since 1984. Her teaching style encourages people from many different backgrounds to grasp the fullness of the Polarity approach and to reach their own potential.



Please go to the scheduling & rates page, then purchase the 90 min. massage session, which is the same fee as this class.   You will receive a confirmation for the program.

CALL:  214-437-1274 with questions

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