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Cynthia offers courses in several areas for personal and professional growth. These programs are available throughout the year through Circle of Energy or may be customized for your group and/or facility.

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Polarity Therapy Training (Massage CEU’s)

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive wellness system developed by Dr. Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND, (1890-1981). Dr. Stone combined his direct experiences and the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, Hermetic Science, reflexology, quantum physics, and other holistic systems to create Polarity Therapy. Energy is the dynamic component of all these systems and the basis for Polarity Therapy.

Cynthia is a Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) with the American Polarity Therapy Association and a Polarity Therapy Professional (PTP) with International Polarity Education Association.


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Blooming Rose

The Art & Science of Aromatherapy                 (6 hr. CEU)

Enhancing your massage practice and healing your self.

Date: TBA Time: 11AM to 5:30PM Cost $120 (includes essential oil blend)

The Art & Science of Aromatherapy

Essential oils are a profound tool for healing on all levels. Discover and enjoy the power of these aromatic molecules that are 75% more potent than dried herbs.

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Scorpio Portal Information

Scorpio Portal - Loving Guidance for Clarity and Direction
October 25, 6:15pm to 9:30pm

Scorpio Portal