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Blooming Rose

Aromatherapy is the use of pure botanical extracts (essential oils) from flowers, herbs and trees to enhance and restore well-being and beauty. Essential oils are considered the life-force or blood of the plant. Through scientific research, it has been verified that inhaling their aromatic vapors and using them on the skin can positively effect the mind, body, and spirit. Watch various symptoms dissolve, feel mental and emotional states balance, and embrace heightened spiritual growth. Invite high quality essential oils into your daily life savoring the aromas while enjoying high level wellness.

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“Of the greatest interest is the effect of fragrances on the psychic and mental state of the individual. Power of perception becomes clearer and more acute, and there is a feeling of having, to a certain extent, outstripped events.”

-Marguerit Maury, The Secret of Life and Youth

Essential Oils have many different uses

You may open a bottle and inhale the aroma this has a direct affect on your nervous system, thus affecting your mood. Massage some onto your body with a base oil (a vegetable oil like almond oil) and the properties of the oil will affect your physiology and emotions on a powerful level.

Chemical Components

Aromatherapy Oil BottleEssential oils contain approximately one hundred chemical components, on average. However,  if we look at Rose oil we find it has 450 known chemical components and 150 unknown.
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